Indemanddrawingoffice BIM Projects page allows you free access to a large range of shade structures.  You can easily browse through the designs and select the 3D model of the structure you require.  For your convenience the 3D models can be downloaded in four of the most popular formats skp, dwg, rfa, obj.


The 3D models or renders you download can be used to enhance your presentations.


Each BIM Project page provides the following:

  • Available sizes
  • Product Specifications
  • BIM Object download in four convenient formats
  • 3D view
  • Renders – Front, top, side and perspective views
  • Structural wind simulation video
  • Option to purchase fabrication Drawings
  • Option to purchase frames with hardware
  • Option to purchase the membrane

Tensile Sail Large SA01

Shade Sail AE01

Rampant Arch AT01

Amphitheater KW01

Thermoflex Dual Peak BE01

Thermoflex Single Peak IL01

Thermoflex Dual Peak BH01

Thermoflex Dual Peak RM01

Thermoflex Sail SI01

Thermoflex Sail SA01

Thermoflex Sail KF01

Thermoflex Dual Peak TI01

Tensile Sail PA01

Tensile Porte Cochere RO01

Tensile Sail Wave CA01

Channel Edge TriPeak BO01

Thermoflex Multipeak CI01

Thermoflex Channel Edge Multipeak SE01

Thermoflex Multipeak TR01

TMS Dual Peak BH01

Tensile Enclosure MA01

Rampant Arch SA01

Outrigger TriPeak CB01

Shadecloth Sails KP01

Dual Peak Extended Mast RI01

Outrigger Dual Peak TB01

Tensile Dual Peak BO01

Tensile Multipeak HI01

Tensile Sail PA01

Channel Edge TriPeak BO01

Tensile Walkway RO01

Channel Edge Dual Peak 9x18m CI01


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