If you’re in need of shade, Coolaroo has you covered. Our range of shade sails and umbrellas are designed to keep you protected from damaging sun. Regardless of the shape or size of your space, there’s a stylish solution to fit your requirements. Browse our range of shade sails and umbrellas below.

Shade Sails

Create an architectural statement with one of Coolaroo’s shade sail solutions. Stylish and durable, our shade sails instantly transform your outdoor space into a sanctuary. Construct the perfect place to enjoy your outdoor area even under our extreme South African conditions. Got a square, triangular or rectangular space? Or perhaps yours is the awkward kind, a space you’re not sure what to do with? We’ve got you covered. Our shade sails come in a range of shapes and sizes to create an affordable designer statement.

Shade Sail Accessories

Choose from our range of Stainless Steel accessories which allow you to fit your shade sail to just about any surface.

Shade Sail Poles

Our poles are available in two convenient lengths: 3 000mm and 3 600mm. Our shade sail poles come in a galvanised finish ready for treatment and painting to a colour of your choice. Don’t forget to purchase sufficient quantities of concrete from your local hardware store.
Chart below shows quantity per base. Please take note of the shade sail size when choosing the size and depth of your base.



Our outdoor umbrella will suit every style and outdoor space. With our modern and sophisticated square designs we’ve got you covered.  Our umbrellas feature strong, durable fabric that keeps you cool on the hottest days.  Please do not forget to purchase a base from your local hardware store or Makro.