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Find the right tensile shade structure for your project

indemanddrawingoffice welcomes you to the largest BIM platform of tensile shade structures in the world. 

Access and downloads are free of charge.  Download the 3d model free of charge in the format of your choice.


Browse through our extensive range of standard structures.  You can select from free standing or structures that can be attached to a building and offer a complete waterproof footprint.


Browse through our wide range of custom design tensile structures.  Download the model of your choice.  You can contact us to assist you with site specific designs and sizes..



01 / GOAL

After 32 years in the industry it is our intention to open up the industry to all interested parties by making available the standard structures we have compiled over the past 32 years in the industry.  Fabricators will be able to expand their product range and offer our line of standard products without the expense of Research and Development and or engineering costs.  Interested clients will be able to purchase kit structure and arrange for installation by third party thereby making the product cheaper.


Our products have been exported to some 47 countries around the world. We have selected the Australian wind load standards as our basis for structures as we believe their codes are among the best presented and best compiled Standards in the world.


All drawings are compiled in AutoDesk Inventor and have full comprehensive Engineered 3D Scale models. These models are then “flattened” into fabrication drawings giving full details on each component and or length of steel.  You will be able to fully purchase and fabricate a frame for a selected product off our comprehensive manufacturing drawings.


At an extra fee we will be able to supply you with finite element analysis of the membrane and or any component on the structure.  We can supply you with specific wind load calculation at an extra fee.  We can increase the wind load integrity of your structure to a higher wind load required and present you with a full package of drawings and wind load calculations.  Please advise us of your project and we can quote you accordingly.