Learn how we can help you take advantage of our extensive library of designs and how we can assist you in getting to the market quicker and more profitably.

We have a 26 year data base of 1 000’s of structures that have been drawn, manufactured and installed in over 38 countries around the world.  We have experienced in house project engineers that can assist you with modifications to our standard products.

Design issues?
• Clients want access to increased innovation in existing and new designs while reducing the time to market.
• Clients want the benefits of Digital Prototyping, but are worried about the cost and   investments required for the design work.
• Designers need to optimize product performance and make accurate design decisions without building physical prototypes.
• Your sales teams require rapid creation of production-ready drawings.
• Your sales team can’t easily find and reuse designs.
• Layout and conceptual designs take too long to develop.
• Designing new innovative products is complex and expensive.
• R&D is often inaccurate and costly.

We are in a unique position to offer you:


Full manufacturing drawings, frames, membranes, steel and hardware purchasing schedules and foundation layouts for our extensive Standard Product Range.  All of these standard products has been tried and tested in the field and have been manufactured and installed in over 38 countries around the world.

With our extensive experience in Custom Design Tensile Structures our project engineers can assist you in bringing your concepts to a manufacturing reality.


We can offer you images off our website or brochures, Sketchup models of our standard product range, General Assembly Drawings, DWF 3D models that you can view, rotate and zoom in on.  You can refer your client to images of existing structure to ease their concerns about the structural integrity or design of the structures.


For more information on our structures and design options please download the brochures below:

In Demand Drawing Office Standard Designs

In Demand Trading (Pty) Ltd Family Brochure

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IDT Standard Brochure 2016

IDT Family 2016 Overview Brochure